Choosing the best metal does not have to be confusing. This video series was created to help educate consumers and business owners about metal roofing and siding. The right selection can lead to decades of service life and customer satisfaction.

These short video modules will help consumers match the appropriate panel to long-term performance expectations. Included in the video are facts about substrates and coatings, as well as questions to ask your supplier or contractor.

  • Introduction

    All metal panels are not created equal

  • Metal Panel Basics

    Anatomy of a metal panel

  • Substrates

    Galvalume® and galvanized substrate performance

  • Coating Systems

    Which coating will work best for your individual application or project

  • The Right Choice

    With our chart as a guide, make the optimal choice

  • Proof of Data

    Third party information and data validate the coating and substrate information presented