Mega-Rib is a 7.2 exposed fastener panel that provides optimum strength and spanning capabilities. Mega-Rib is a metal roof and wall panel that is equally well suited for industrial and commercial applications. When installed horizontally, Mega-Rib's bold ribs provide an architectural statement that is hard to match.  


  • Minimum slope: 1:12 
    Tape sealant required on all slopes
  • Adelanto standard coverage for
    26 gauge panels:  36" 
    All other locations, standard 26 gauge coverage: 28.8"
    (specify if 36" coverage is required)
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally

  • Oil Canning is a natural occurrence in metal panels and is not a cause for panel rejection

Testing Data

  • Fire Rating:  Class A
  • Uplift Test:  UL580 Class 90
  • Air Infiltration:  ASTM E1680
  • Water Infiltration:  ASTM E1646
  • Class 4 Impact Resistance:  UL2218
  • Florida State Approval:  1832.8, 1747.6
  • Fire Resistance:  UL263
  • Miami Dade Approval:  
    NOA #15-1013.06
  • ICC-ES Approval: ESR-5896

  • For any available Test Data, Section Properties or Load Tables, please visit our downloads section

Panel Options

  • Coating:  
    - Kynar 500® (PVDF)
  • Substrate:  
    - Standard 24 GA Galvalume®
    - Optional 22 GA Galvalume
    - Optional 26 GA Galvalume
      (Narrow Coverage)
    - Optional 26 GA Galvalume
      (Full Coverage Adelanto Only)
    - Optional 18 and 20 GA
      (Painted Galvalume)
      (Limited Availability)