Transverse Skylight

Historically, existing skylights represented many challenges for recover projects. Frequently, the existing skylights are damaged, leaking and in overall poor condition. And, even though building occupants and owners appreciate the natural light, developing effective and efficient skylight solutions often presented so many challenges that the roofing contractor often eliminated skylighting altogether.

Today there is a solution.  McElroy's patented 238T transverse mounted skylights can be installed over existing skylights or can be installed as a continuous light strip all the way to the ridge. Our special polycarbonate panels allow for 80% light transmission, which can really help to illuminate a space.

The secret is the way the skylights are shaped, in that they have the same shape as the 238T roof panel and the way they are joined together with the same seam cover. You can alternate light transmitting panels in combination with the roof panels. Lenses are easy to replace if needed.