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Learn how to enter the emerging market of Recover Roofing to grow your business and outsell your competition.

Watch our webinar and learn:

  • How to use your existing manpower and equipment to enter the “Recover Roofing” market
  • Creative ways to permanently fix problem roofs with recover
  • Why covering a metal roof with single ply can result in failure 
  • Differences between symmetrical and non-symmetrical metal panels and why you should care
  • How frameless recover systems eliminate the cost, hassle and expense of existing roof tear off and expensive retrofit framing 
  • How installing metal over existing shingle roofs can reduce utility bills by 25% 
McElroy Metal Recover Webinar 3-19-20_FINAL

Need a New Roof? How Building Owners Reduce Cost with a Metal Roof

Tecta America Vendor Partner McElroy Metal: Ways We Can Help!

  • McElroy Metal reduced the gate thresholds and doubled the percentage on our rebate program to Tecta America partners for 2020!
  • Facing a challenging retrofit or recover project?  We have a dedicated team to help.
  • Ever feel like you need to clone yourself or your team to chase project work?  McElroy offers in-house Engineering, Estimating and Drafting services to help!
  • Tired of wasting time managing multiple vendors?  McElroy offers the most robust product line in the industry.
  • Tired of 12 week lead-time for insulated metal wall and roof panels?  We are proud to offer these products through our partnership with Green Span Profiles and normally beat typical lead-times.
  • Need to pick up product today to keep a job moving?  Check out our Service Center locations around the country to see how close we are.