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Our solar journeyMcElroy's Commitment to Solar Power

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Our Solar story by the Numbers

Our Solar story by the Numbers

Manufacturing Locations With Solar
Million Annual kWh Savings
Equivalent to Acres of Trees Planted
Tons of Carbon Dioxide Saved

Solar Makes Sense (and Cents)

Yes, solar energy makes sense from an environmental standpoint. However, solar also makes sense from a financial perspective. Due to the availability of local, state, and federal incentives, solar power often results in an income stream that more than offsets utility expenses. 

McElroy Metal's facilities with solar power are scheduled to generate a positive ROI, some after only a couple of years. Adding solar to our facilities made financial "cents," and it will do the same for other businesses. You can check out our solar story with this article.

Metal Roofing + Solar = Unbeatable Combination

Solar panels are a long-term power solution. In fact, after 20 years in the field, solar panels should still be producing 90% of their original output. 

With that life expectancy, it makes sense to use a roofing material that also provides a long service life. Metal Roofing is the answer. In addition, solar panels can be attached to metal roofing without penetrating the roofing membrane.

Listen to Ken Gieseke discuss the incentives available and ROI for our solar projects.


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