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238T Metal-over-Metal Roof Recover Systems

238T Metal-over-Metal Roof Recover Systems

McElroy Metal’s 238T Metal-Over-Metal recover systems are an ideal solution for metal roofs at the end of their service life.

As the name implies, recover systems enable a new metal roof to be installed over an existing roof, eliminating costly and problematic tear-off and disposal of the old roof.

McElroy’s recover systems provide a long-term solution at a cost that is competitive with single-ply recover while lasting two (2) to four (4) times longer.

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Advantages of Recover vs. Replacement


50-60 year Service Life


Minimal Occupant Disruption


Individual Panel Replaceability

Extremely High Uplift Capacity

Long Length Panels Eliminate Leak Prone Panel Laps

Onsite Rollforming & 24" Wide Panels Reduce Labor

Onsite Rollforming Minimizes Damage, Storage Requirements & Debris

Original Building Design Protected

Multi Span Clips Offer Unparalleled Uplift

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238T Metal Over Metal Recover

238T Metal Over Metal Recover

Roof Hugger

Roof Hugger is the best way to recover a through fastened or standing seam roof on open framing because the notched sub purlin increases the load carrying capacity of the original purlins.

High floating standing seam systems can be accommodated with special roof huggers and fasteners.

Tall Clip

The tall clip recover system is designed to be installed over existing panels up to 1.5" tall, such as R-Panel.

The system utilizes tall clips that sit between the ribs of the existing panel and attach directly to the purlin below. Insulation fills the the air space between the two roofs.

Hat Over Zee Clips

The hat over zee clip system is an economical alternative to notched purlin for existing exposed fastener or low floating standing seam over open framing retrofit applications.

The two piece system allows for up to 6" of insulation between the two roofs. Optionally, the air space can be ventilated.

Infill with Rigid Insulation

The infill approach is used when retrofitting standing seam panels installed over a solid deck. It also works well on existing exposed fastener or low floating standing seam installed over open framing.

Continuous insulation is one of the biggest benefits of this approach.


Single Ply vs. Metal Recover

Before covering an existing metal roof with single-ply, it's important to consider how that decision impacts the structural integrity of the building.   

Whether you're a building owner, design professional, or contractor, the third-party articles below highlight critical issues and engineering considerations that bear serious consideration.

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