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Why Specify McElroy Metal?

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We understand what drives you. Its the same thing that drives us: Beautiful structures that deliver the function, quality, and longevity your owners demand.

We also understand that your world is packed full of risk. That’s why our number one goal is helping you mitigate those risks by supplying quality products backed by an American owned industry leader you can trust. 

From on-staff engineers, technical specialists and local reps who know the ins and outs of our products better than anyone else, we’re also proud to offer a support network of experts that is literally unparalleled in the metal roofing and siding industry.


Samples & Color Charts

Request physical samples and color charts. All items will be sent out via UPS ground unless otherwise specified.

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Weathertightness Warranties

Metal roofing is a long-term roofing solution that, when properly installed, provides decades of leak-free service. We are proud to offer weathertightness warranties on select standing seam systems.

See our weathertightness warranties page for information about all warrantable panels, warranty details, certified/qualified installers, and FAQs.

Weathertightness Warranties

Architect Resources

Specs by Panel Type

We realize that creating clear project specifications are critical to the success of architectural projects. To simplify that process for you, access a master spec by product for each of our panel profiles.

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Our robust search allows you to download McElroy Metal standard CAD and PDF files by panel type, clip system and substrate.

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AIA Continuing Education

McElroy Metal offers several AIA Continuing Education courses. Contact your local representative to arrange a presentation, check out our offering here or contact us at

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Interactive Visualizer

Wonder what your project would look like with a Metal Roof? Our interactive color visualizer allows you to change panel both styles and colors.

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Discover the Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

To use metal roofing properly, there are several things you need to be aware of, which we’ve identified in our guide, 18 Ways to Reduce Risk When Specifying Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels.

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Straight Answers & Creative Solutions

Tired of the run around on delivery schedules, panel samples and cost estimates? We get it, there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in the dark.

That’s why we pride ourselves on providing straight answers and creative solutions.

  • You'll love the in-house expertise we offer with our engineering, drafting and estimating teams.
  • Our signature hands-on contractor certification program nets you better installs and happier owners!
  • Local McElroy Metal Reps provide onsite expertise to your entire construction team.
  • Local Service Center stores keep your jobs moving when contractors need extra materials or accessories in a hurry.
  • Not in the mood to juggle multiple suppliers?  Our large product offering simplifies the process for you from beginning to end.
  • Our LEAN/CI approach ensures that you get the right product, to function the way you designed it, and on time 
  • Our national footprint of both manufacturing facilities and qualified contractors means we can help where ever your project is!

Straight answers, creative solutions and relationships have been the root of our success for over 57 years. Contact us today to experience the McElroy difference.

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Looking for Design Inspiration?

We get it!  Sometimes we all need a little something to get the creative juices flowing. 

One of the truly exciting things about utilizing metal panels on your next project is the wide variety of design options from color, to shape and even texture in some cases.  

That's why we've created a Design Gallery to help you visualize how different panel styles and colors can work together once the building is complete.  

For over 57 years, we've been helping architects deliver their vision. And it all starts with proper product selection in the design phase so let's get started! 

Architectural Design Gallery Visualizer



What Architects are Saying


We understand that your reputation is everything.  That's why we place a high priority on being more than just another vendor in your project.  Instead we want to be your partner.    

Whether you’re designing a new monumental facility or something much more routine, we're glad to help with everything from product selection to detailing and installation questions for those tricky conditions.  

But don't take our word for it.  Check out these testimonials from Architects who have worked with McElroy Metal for years and appreciate the value we offer. 

Terry B. has been incredible to work with. He helped us pick a product that worked for our specific project needs, and talked through detailing and specifications that ensured the quality our client, and their project, deserved. He and McElroy continue to be the go-to for many of the folks in our office.

Ashley Spinks
Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

"I’m very familiar of the high quality of the materials and with the design of the details. I once again worked very closely with Jon Farrer, sales manager at Brock Associates, and detailer Jeff Raymond, throughout the process to achieve an overall striking architectural design. We have worked together as a team to complete the designs for five additional projects, all utilizing McElroy Metal exposed fastener panels."

David Nitchkey
CORE Architects

Sustainability for the Win!

Looking for a product that still hits both form AND function expectations after 50-60 years?  If so, it might be time to consider metal roof or wall panels for your next project.  

In addition to the long term aesthetic value and service life, Metal roofing is one of the most sustainable building materials available.  Not only can this class of products help reduce electrical load and utility bills by 25%-30% but it's also 100% recyclable. 

Sure other products like asphalt shingles and membrane roofing  accurately claim they "can be" recycled but the reality is they rarely are. Metal products on the other hand  have long recognized as the most recycled product in America.

Metal roofing is also an outstanding host product for solar applications.   

Want to chat more about your project specifics to see if metal roof or wall panels could be a sustainable choice, contact us here.

Green Building and Solar LEED

Metal Roofing and Wall Panels are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable