Concealed Fastener Wall Panels

What are Concealed Fastener Wall Panels?

Concealed fastener wall panels are attached to the substructure without any visible fasteners.  Instead, concealed fastener panels are installed with clips and/or screws that are attached behind the face of the panel. 

Due to narrower cover widths and increased installation costs, concealed fastener systems are more costly than exposed fastener panels. However, this product category still offers a very economical architectural solution when compared to other systems such as IMP's and composite panels. 

McElroy's concealed fastener wall panels offer unique aesthetic and architectural interest leading to a combination of great curb appeal, economies and long service-life.  


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Advantages of Concealed Fastener Panels


Clean Visual Appearance

For projects where aesthetics are important, it's hard to beat the clean uninterrupted lines that concealed fastener wall panels offer.  


Reduced Leak Exposure

Concealed fastener panels have a lower likelihood of leaking since the fasteners and/or clips are located behind the panel and protected from weather.  


Design Flexibility

Concealed fastener panels can typically be installed vertically or horizontally and options like embossing and varying pan widths allow for virtually unlimited design flexibility.

MSR Panel

MSR combines strength and aesthetics in one profile to add curb appeal to most any project while providing engineering and weathertightness characteristics demanded by architects and owners. MSR is also commonly referred to as a “Shadow Rib” panel.


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Wave Panel

Wave panel is an attractive wall panel that offers excellent design flexibility. To meet architectural preferences, Wave can be installed both vertically and horizontally over a solid substrate or sub-framing. Wave can also be designed as a floating system for lengths over 40’.


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FW Panel

FW Panel is a 1 1/2" deep flush metal panel designed for use in vertical and horizontal applications. FW panels also have an option to create custom reveals from 1 to 3 inches.


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Visionline F-Series

Visionline F-Series if a flat plate system that is ideal for facades and rain screens. Visionline is available in McElroy's standard architectural colors with a 22 gauge steel substrate.


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