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138T Metal Over Shingle Recover System

138T Metal Over Shingle System

McElroy Metal’s 138T Shingle Recover System provides a long-term and economical solution for commercial building owners and homeowners in need of a new roof.

This innovative system installs directly over existing shingles, and the patented clips create an energy-saving Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) airspace between the existing roof and the new 138T roof.

Up until now, the common method to provide ASV was to install a series of vertical and horizontal framing members, which greatly increased material and labor expenses. The 138T Shingle Recover/ASV clip eliminates all framing and allows unencumbered airflow in all directions.

As long as the existing deck is in good shape, there is no need for the added expense and hassle of removing and disposing of the existing shingles (check with your local code authority to determine if one or two layers of shingles are allowable for recover). Also, there is no need for the added expense of underlayment with the 138T Shingle Recover System. 

Although this recover system was designed for retrofit applications, it is equally suitable for new construction over solid decking. For this application, underlayment would be required.


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138T Shingle Recover/ASV Clip Details

138T Shingle Recover/ASV Clip Details


The patented 138T Shingle Recover/ASV Clip is installed with two fasteners into the existing substrate and allows for a 3/4" ASV airspace between existing and new roofs.

ASV Air Flow

This illustration details ASV airflow and venting. Air enters via perforated eave trim and moves upward between the existing and new roof. The heated air then escapes through a corrugated panel and vented ridge trim.

Clip Seating

Each 138T Shingle Recover/ASV Clip is seated on two shingles with fasteners through lower ends of the shingles.

Corrugated Sheeting

Corrugated sheeting installed at the ridge allows for continuous air flow between the existing and new roof while providing support for the panel and closure.


Seaming is the final step. An electric seamer mechanically attaches the 138T seam cap to the 138T panels.

138T Shingle Recover/ASV Clip Details

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