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The Quickest and Most Economical Way to Erect a Building

Post frame construction consists of pressure-treated solid wood posts or laminated columns and framing that create a building's structure. While a wide variety of building materials can be used for walls and roofs, steel roofing and siding panels are the most common cladding for post frame buildings.

Post frame buildings are widely recognized as being economical and easy to erect. However, these aren't the only advantages of post frame construction. Today’s post frame buildings offer superior aesthetics, durability, and long service life. Thanks to the design flexibility of post frame construction, their uses range from simple backyard storage units to high-end commercial structures.

Barn Wichita Falls, TX

Is it Post Frame or Pole Barn?

Post frame construction began in the 1930s with farm and agricultural buildings. In those days, post frame buildings were referred to as “pole barns” because poles (similar to telephone poles) were used to support sub-framing and rafters. Fortunately, the industry has advanced since then!

Today, post frame buildings are highly-engineered and often preferred. Because the posts are spaced farther apart than studs, post-frame buildings feature an exceptionally large wall cavity that provides ample room for insulation, lowering heating and cooling costs through the life of the building.

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Choosing the Right Materials

Once you've decided on a post frame building, the next step is choosing the right materials. One of the wisest investments you can make is installing metal wall and roof panels. Metal cladding provides a long service life while adding curb appeal, enhanced durability, weather-resistance, and lower utility costs.

Selecting good partners for your metal roofing journey is also important. You should make sure you are working with a reputable contractor who installs only high-quality building materials.

McElroy Metal is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of metal wall and roof panels. With over 57 years of experience, we’re committed to delivering superior products and working only with contractors who share our commitment to quality and service.

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Superior Manufacturing Processes

Our warm forming process reduces the cracks in paint and coating that occur during the typical metal panel manufacturing process.

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Factory-Applied Rust Inhibitor

Our factory-applied edge coating process applies a clear coat rust inhibitor at panel ends.

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Superior Coating for Long Service-Life

We coat our Max-Rib Ultra panels with a Kynar 500-based PVDF coating to ensure a long service life with high resistance to fade and chalk.

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Interactive Visualizer

Wonder what your post frame project would look like with our roofing or siding? Our interactive color visualizer can make it happen...

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We are the leading metal wall and roofing supplier to the post frame industry. To find quality products that meet your architectural and budgetary needs, contact a McElroy Metal distributor or contractor in your area today.

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