Post Frame Construction

McElroy Metal is a leading supplier of metal wall and roofing products to the post frame industry. Post frame construction consists of wood posts and framing to create the building's structure. Steel roof and siding panels are the most common cladding for post frame buildings. The end result is an economical and quick way to erect a building. However, these traits are not the only advantage of post frame construction.  Today’s post frame buildings are engineered and offer aesthetics, durability and long service life. Post frame buildings can be anything from a back yard storage building to a high-end commercial structure.
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All metal roofing and siding panels are not created equal. There are a variety of steel substrates and paint systems available in the marketplace today and an educated consumer is better able to match their long term performance expectations with a product of choice. Beware of any contractor or supplier that wants to simply sell you “painted metal” without any knowledge of the substrate and paint coating that they are selling.  Don’t be afraid to ask for specifics about the substrate and coating. 

Steel substrates and coatings should be selected based on long-term product performance expectations. If your project is a general shade and shelter application, McElroy Metal’s Max-Rib Commodity panel may be an appropriate choice. If you are interested in long-term performance and longevity to ensure your project looks its best year-after-year, Max-Rib Ultra or Mesa would be a great selection.  Refer to the menu options above and on the left, for helpful videos and literature that will help you make an informed and educated buying decision.