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Choosing to partner with McElroy Metal on your next self-storage project might just be the easiest decision you'll make on the entire project!  With over 30 years of experience fabricating and supplying the self-storage market we've learned a thing or two and quite honestly, we're just plain good at it. 

We understand that maintaining construction schedules and filling units quickly to maximize return on investment is your top priority.  That's why we place such a high importance on supplying quality components and on-time deliveries.  It's also why we've invested in state of the art custom purlin punching technologies and roofing systems that install quicker than our competitors. 

McElroy Metal offers on-staff engineers, technical specialists and local reps who know the ins and outs of the mini-storage industry. We're also proud to offer a support network of expert contractors that are literally unparalleled in the self-storage industry.



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Request physical samples and color charts. All items will be sent out via UPS ground unless otherwise specified.

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Metal-over-Metal Recover Systems

McElroy Metal has several patented recover systems that enable contractors to roof over existing rooftops with ease.

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Straight Answers & Creative Solutions

Whether you're a developer, owner or erector, no one likes getting the run around.  In fact, with stakes this high, there isn't much more frustrating.  

That’s why we pride ourselves on providing straight answers and creative solutions.

  • You'll love the in-house expertise we offer with our engineering, drafting and estimating teams.
  • Local McElroy Metal Reps provide onsite expertise to your entire construction team.
  • Local Service Center stores keep your jobs moving when contractors need extra materials or accessories in a hurry.
  • Not in the mood to juggle multiple suppliers?  Our large product offering simplifies the process for you from beginning to end.
  • Our LEAN/CI approach ensures that you get the right product on time.
  • Our national footprint of both manufacturing facilities and qualified contractors means we can help where ever your project is!

Straight answers, creative solutions and relationships have been the root of our success for over 57 years. Contact us today to experience the McElroy difference.

Self-Storage Resources

Specs by Panel Type

We realize that creating clear project specifications are critical to the success of architectural projects. To simplify that process for you, access a master spec by product for each of our panel profiles.

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Our robust search allows you to download McElroy Metal standard CAD and PDF files by panel type, clip system and substrate.

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Submittal Package

Get a complete submittal package for your project.

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Download brochures, warranty information, and more.

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Sustainability for the Win!

Looking for an economical product that's quick to install, adapts easily based on market needs and performs well for 50-60 years?  If so, it might be time to consider metal roof and wall panels for your next self-storage project.  

In addition to the long term aesthetic value and service life, Metal roofing is one of the most sustainable building materials available.  Not only can this class of products help reduce electrical load and utility bills by 25%-30% but it's also 100% recyclable. And if that's not enough, metal roofing is also an outstanding host product for solar applications. 

Contact us to chat about your next project.  We'd love to help you accomplish your goals! 

Metal Roofing and Wall Panels are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable