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Onsite Rollforming

Onsite Rollforming

Rollform up to 250’ long panels right onto the roof using McElroy Metal's jobsite production program.  Factory personnel use on-site equipment to produce continuous length panels from eave to ridge.  Single piece panels improve weather tightness and greatly reduce jobsite labor. As an added bonus, architects design efforts aren't limited by manufacturing and delivery capabilities.

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Jobsite Roll Formers

McElroy Metal offers two distinct options for on-site forming. High Roller, housed in Houston, Texas features a scissor lift that is capable of reaching eave heights up to 30 feet and slopes up to 5:12.

McElroy also offers other jobsite productions systems that feature roll formers with lifting platforms.  The roll formers and platforms are hoisted to the roof or eave with jobsite forklifts (provided by customer).  These jobsite production systems offer greater flexibility and are easier to maneuver than the scissor lift system.

The following McElroy Profiles can be roll-formed onsite:

Maxima 2"
Maxima ADV

Specifications & Details

Reservations McElroy will reserve jobsite production equipment for your projected installation dates and have machine, materials and forming technician on-site as instructed.
Estimates McElroy provides a detailed analysis of all applicable costs associated with jobsite roll forming so there are no surprises at any point of the project.
Jobsite Requirements Customers provide forklift or crane with operators in addition to one laborer per 15' of rolled panel. Contact your McElroy Representative for compete details regarding onsite rollforming.
Testing Data Jobsite production equipment provides an exact match with McElroy factory-formed profiles so all existing testing and classifications apply.
Panel Options
Panel Options - 138T
- 238T
- Maxima 2"
- Maxima ADV

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Weathertightness Warranties

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Shop Drawing Service

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