Specialty Roofing Panels

What kind of specialty roofing panels are available?

Specialty roofing panels are a growing trend in our industry. 

Historically the options have been limited for sloped roofing materials.  Designers and building owners have been left to the basics of shingle products like asphalt and shake, ceramic tile products or vertical rib standing seam panels made from various materials . 

Thankfully the landscape has changed and there are now a host of new specialty roofing products available.  

For folks that like the look of an asphalt shingle but need a much longer service life, stone coated shingles can be a great solution.  Ceramic tiles have also been a mainstay but are incredibly heavy systems and prone to breakage. New systems mirror the ceramic look but offer a much longer service life.


Advantages of Specialty Roofing Panels


With life expectancy pushing 50 years, our specialty panels might just be the last roof you'll ever need.


Lightweight, yet high performing, systems often require less substructure than their more conventional counterparts.


Much greater resistance to damage caused by hail and flying debris than conventional shingles and ceramic tile roofing.


Metal panels that look like shingles and ceramic tiles, offer energy savings, greater life expectancy and are 100% recyclable.


Offers long-term performance while delivering a more traditional appearance than today's popular standing seam panels.


State of the art coatings ensure your project has the same "like new" curb appeal long after traditional asphalt shingles would have already been replaced.

McElroy Specialty Roofing Panels

From metal panels that simulate ceramic tiles to options that mimic asphalt shingles but offer far improved performance, we have several unique options for your commercial or residential project.  At McElroy Metal, we're happy to help you find the ideal specialty roofing panels.

Met- Tile
  • Met-Tile - Metal Roof Tiles McElroy Metal's Met-Tile roofing panel provides the appearance of ceramic tile roofing with all the advantages and performance of metal.  Met-Tile is lightweight, energy efficient and aesthetically attractive. A Met-Tile roof looks so much like tile, most people are surprised to learn that they are actually metal roof tiles.
  • Tilcor Stone Coated RoofingThrough a partnership with Tilcor, we're proud to offer a product that looks like asphalt shingles but performs much differently.  Between being widely respected as the most waterproof stone coated shingle on the market, it's also the easiest to install and  boasts a lifespan 2-3 times that of it's asphalt counterparts.

Metal Roofs that Look Like Tile

met tile

Metal roofs that look like tile share many visual similarities with clay tiles but offer homeowners some distinct advantages over the most traditional tile construction material.

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Metal Roofs that Look Like Shingles

Metal Roofs that Look Like ShinglesMetal roofs that look like shingles give homeowners an aesthetically pleasing option that includes all the benefits of a metal roof.

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