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What is an Agricultural Building?

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When it comes to agricultural buildings, metal roof and siding is hard to beat. In fact, metal has a market share of approximately 90% for the ag building segment. Agricultural buildings are the proverbial roots of the post frame industry that was started decades ago. The industry started with machine sheds and storage buildings has blossomed into a diverse collection of end uses. Agricultural facilities now range from animal confinement to boutique growing operations for specialty crops and even elaborate equestrian facilities.

In the early days, quality materials and long term performance were often not of primary concern for ag buildings. Today, aesthetics and performance play a much more important role for many building owners. Farms are typically owned for long periods of time, so more and more ag building owners are looking for metal roofing and siding that offer long-term performance. McElroy Metal offers several combinations of substrates and coatings to ensure that the performance of the metal roofing and siding matches the long term performance expectations of the building owner.

In addition to substrate and coating options, product selection for ag panels has also expanded. For the budget conscious owner, it’s hard to beat the quick install and durability of our exposed fastener panel line.  But for owners with a desire to introduce greater architectural elements, our standing seam and concealed fastener wall panels are also quite popular.


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Substrates and Coatings Matter

Not all metal roofing and siding products are created equal. At McElroy Metal we count on the combination of Galvalume substrates and Kynar 500 (PVDF) paint to help your project retain that just-built curb appeal year-after-year while delivering the long-term solutions building owners expect.

Not sure why substrates and paint systems matter so much?  Contact Us so our local rep can help you better understand the differences available to you.  When it comes to selecting products that meet your clients expectations, knowledge is power!

Substrates and Coatings

McElroy Metal is a company you can trust.

Whether your agricultural project is your life's work or just a place to store your stuff, chances are that you've put a great deal of thought into every little detail and want a building that will perform for the long term.  That’s why we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and services that help building owners achieve peace of mind.

  • McElroy Metal has been a leading supplier in the post-frame industry for over 40 years.
  • McElroy Metal offers good, better, best options for metal roofing and siding to ensure long-term performance matches your expectations.
  • McElroy Metal offers warranties that include labor and materials in the event of a warrantable claim. Most industry warranties have liability limits that do not exceed the original cost of materials.
  • McElroy Metal invests in equipment and technology to perform factory-applied enhancements like warm-forming and edge-coating to improve product performance in the field. 

McElroy Metal is an employee-owned business founded in 1963 that values relationships and helping customers be successful. Contact us today to experience the McElroy difference.

Sustainability for the Win!

Borkholder3In addition to the long term aesthetic value and service life, Metal roofing and siding is one of the most sustainable building materials available.  Not only can this class of products help reduce electrical load and utility bills by 25%-30% but it's also 100% recyclable. 

Sure other products like asphalt shingles  claim they can be recycled but the reality is they rarely are. Metal products on the other hand have long recognized as the most recycled product in America. Metal roofing is also an outstanding host product for solar applications.   

Want to chat more about your project specifics to see if metal roof or wall panels could be a sustainable choice, contact us here.

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thermoforming-warranty-1Long term customer satisfaction is our top priority at McElroy Metal. As a result, we're constantly looking for ways to do things better, even if it means making investments in new equipment.  Thermoforming (or warm forming) is just one example of our customer commitment.

Traditionally steel panels have been manufactured from steel at room temperature.  While that process worked for decades, new advances have proven that warming the steel prior to production can result in a better product with a longer life expectancy for Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) paint systems.  

Thermoforming technology is just one more thing we're doing different than our competitors to earn your business. 

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