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Max-Rib is a low profile (3/4") panel that is well suited for commercial, agricultural and residential applications. Can be installed on as low as a 1:12 pitch if sealant is used on the sidelaps. If not, a 3:12 pitch is recommended.

Testing Data
  • UL 580 Class 90 - Uplift Test
  • UL 2218 - Class 4 Impact Resistance
  • Florida State Approval
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One size does not fit all...
Varying applications, end uses, and expectations require different metal panel alternatives. Fortunately, McElroy Metal has the most comprehensive product offering in the light gauge industry. Whether your specifications require a long lasting fade and chalk resistant panel or simply a non-warranted shade and shelter panel, you can depend on McElroy Metal.

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McElroy's Max-Rib Options

McElroy’s popular Max-Rib profile is available in five diverse options: Max-Rib Ultra, Max-Rib 100, Max-Rib II, Max-Rib 60 and Max-Rib Utility. The best choice for your individual project depends on factors such as desired longevity, aesthetic appeal, and budget.

  • Max-Rib Ultra - Galvalume® Substrate with PVDF coating.
    For unsurpassed performance in a light gauge panel, Max-Rib Ultra is the ultimate choice. This distinctive metal panel combines the long-life performance of a Galvalume substrate with a fade and chalk resistant PVDF based Fluropon® paint system. The end result is an exceptional metal panel that provides unmatched resistance to chalking and fading and is your assurance that your project will retain its beauty year after year.
    Finish Warranty: 40 Years
    Red Rust Warranty: 15 Years

  • Max-Rib 100 - Galvanized G100 Substrate with a Siliconized Polyester coating.
    Combining a zinc coated G100 galvanized substrate with a high quality siliconized polyester coating, Max-Rib 100 is an ideal product when a galvanized substrate is required. Max-Rib 100 is inventoried in White. Other colors are available upon request.
    Finish Warranty: 30 Years
    Red Rust Warranty: 10 Years

  • Max-Rib II - Galvalume Substrate with a Siliconized Polyester coating.
    Combining the long-life characteristics of a Galvalume substrate with the proven performance of a high quality siliconized polyester coating, Max-Rib II is an excellent multi-use metal panel.
    Finish Warranty: 30 Years
    Red Rust Warranty: 10 Years

  • Max-Rib 60 - Galvanized G60 Substrate with a Siliconized Polyester coating.
    Combining an economical G60 substrate with a high quality siliconized polyester paint system, Max-Rib 60 is designed to provide desired performance when budget is an important element of the design consideration.
    Finish Warranty: 30 Years
    Red Rust Warranty: 5 Years

  • Max-Rib Utility
    Max-Rib Utility is a non-warranted economical panel that is ideal for basic shade and shelter applications.
What is the ThermoForming Process?

McElroy Metal ThermoForms all Max-Rib galvanized metal panels for increased longevity, visual appeal and value.

The ThermoForming process increases the ductility of both the paint coating and the zinc in the metalllic galvanized coating. This process significantly reduces tension bend cracking in the panel’s paint and metallic coating. This in turn reduces the risk of premature corrosion of roof and sidewall panels.

Tension-bend cracking is not an issue for Max-Rib Ultra, because it is coated with a PVDF coating. PVDF coatings remain flexible regardless of the temperature during the roll forming procedure.

The ThermoForming process incorporates a special heater chamber to raise the inner and outer temperatures of the coil sheet to > 120F. The process increases the ductility of the outer paint coating as well as the ductility of the zinc in the inner metallic galvanized coating. This extends the life, the visual appeal and the value of Max-Rib Utility, Max-Rib 60 and Max-Rib 90 building panels.

ThermoForming is not available at all McElroy locations. Please inquire with your McElroy Customer Service Representative for more information.

Max-Rib Facts
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Section Properties
Design Requirements Max-Rib Ultra Max-Rib 100 Max-Rib II Max-Rib 60 Max-Rib Utility
Fade Resistance
Chalk Resistance
Gloss Retention
Basic Shade and Shelter
Residential Roofing
Corrosion Resistance
Coating Warranty BEST BETTER BETTER GOOD Not Available
Long-Term Owner Satisfaction