Green Span Profiles

Green Span Profiles is a McElroy Metal Joint Venture company that manufactures Insulated Metal Panels (IMP’s) for walls in thickness from 2” to 6”. Green Span’s Ridgeline roof panel, featuring a 238T symmetrical seam, is available in thicknesses from 2 ½” to 5”.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Green Span Profile’s panels are formed by a continuously poured-in-place manufacturing process binding interior and exterior steel facing to a polyisocyanurate insulating foam core.

Green Span advantages are:

  • Exceptional insulating properties (approximate R value of 8” per inch)
  • Superior spanning capability
  • 5 distinct wall panel profiles
  • Rigid feel
  • Streamlined architectural appearance
  • Ridgeline panel offers industry’s quickest standing seam IMP installation 

More Information

For information regarding details, testing data and panel options, and to see an installation video for Ridgeline, please click the links below:

Green Span Profiles Brochure

Ridgeline Installation Video