Marquee-Lok/Marquee II

The Marquee Family of products are designed to complement McElroy roof and wall panels. Taking a single vendor approach to walls, roofing and accessories, Marquee panels simplify every step of the building process. You achieve exact color match, coordinated material delivery, and the assurance of McElroy quality across all components of the project.


  • Marquee-Lok: 8% net free area with vented surface
  • Marquee II: 2% net free area with vented surface
  • Maximum length:
    - 24 GA and .032 aluminum is 8'
    - 22 GA is 15'

  • Marquee-Lok is produced in 
    Clinton, IL and Peachtree City, GA
  • Marquee II is produced in
    Adelanto, CA

  • Oil Canning is a natural occurrence in metal panels and is not a cause for panel rejection

Testing Data

  • Uplift Test: ASTM E1592
    (Marquee-Lok with locking feature only)

  • For any available Test Data, Section Properties or Load Tables, please visit our downloads section

Panel Options

  • Panel width: 12"
  • Panel configurations:
    Non-Vented: flat or double pencil ribs
    (on-center spacing with
    double pencil ribs is 4”)
    Vented: flat or single pencil rib
    Marquee II:
    Non-Vented: flat, single rib or double pencil ribs 
    Vented: flat or single pencil rib
    (vented available in 24 GA only)
  • Coating:
    - Kynar 500® (PVDF)
  • Substrate:
    - Standard 22 GA Galvalume®
    - Optional 24 GA Galvalume

Additional Information

Choose from two panels
The Marquee family consists of two panels, Marquee-Lok and Marquee II. Both can be used as a soffitt and fascia panel, while Marquee-Lok has the added capability to be used as a wall panel.

Beauty is the Simplicity of Design
Both Marquee panels are 12" wide and 1" high.  The end effects are a smooth, unbroken plane or a subtle ribbed appearance.  Panels are manufactured "cut to length," eliminating the need for field cutting.

Unique locking design
McElroy Metal's Marquee-Lok panels feature a unique locking design that adds strength and helps to prevent the panels from unlatching due to high suction force during a wind incident. No other panel in the industry features this type of locking mechanism.

To meet ventilation requirements, Marquee panels are available vented. Control the degree of airflow by utilizing all vented panels or a mix with non-vented panels. 

Panels are held in place by concealed fasteners, allowing installation without the need for special clips or seaming tools. 


- Marquee-Lok can be used as a wall panel (22 gauge only)
- Marquee II is not designed for use as a wall panel