Medallion I/Medallion II

Medallion I and Medallion II are architectural standing seam systems which utilize separate batten caps that are installed over adjoining roofing panels. Medallion I features a narrow batten cap while Medallion II features a wider cap. Both Medallion systems are installed over solid decking. Medallion I can also be curved to meet radius panel specifications.

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  • Minimum slope 3:12
  • Must be installed over solid deck
  • Curving: Medallion I only - minimum radius 30"

  • Oil Canning is a natural occurrence in metal panels and is not a cause for panel rejection



Testing Data

  • Fire Rating: Class A
  • Uplift Test: UL580 Class 90
  • Air Infilitration: ASTM E1680
  • Water Infiltration: ASTM E1646
  • Class 4 Impact Resistance: UL 2218
  • Florida State Approval:
    (Medallion II)
    1832.5 (Medallion I)
  • Fire Resistance: UL263 

  • For any available Test Data, Section Properties or Load Tables, please visit our downloads section

Panel Options

  • Panel width: 12", 16" and 18"
  • Panel configurations:
    striated, ribbed or flat pan
    (striated recommended)
  • Coating:
    - Kynar 500® (PVDF)
  • Substrate:
    - Standard 24 GA Galvalume®

Curving Information

  • Medallion I and Medallion I Battens can be curved
  • Minimum radius:  30” 
  • Curving equipment can be rented at
  • Curving equipment can be shipped directly to the jobsite to allow onsite curving
  • Developmental Industries (DI) will bill directly for all equipment rental
  • Medallion I flat panels will curve naturally on a radius of 24’ or greater


Curving Photos

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