As a leader in metal roofing and wall panel manufacturing, we believe the best customer is an educated one. For generations, builders have been utilizing metal for commercial and industrial construction projects, capitalizing on the material’s sustainability, durability, low maintenance requirements and enhanced weather-tight performance.

It’s our mission to build off of our extensive industry and manufacturing knowledge to enhance the most useful proponents in all types of metal roofs. To better understand the metal roof market and consumer products that are available to you, we’ve listed many of the most common types of metal roofs for commercial, industrial and agricultural use.

Popular Types of Metal Roofs for Commercial and Industrial Use

McElroy Metal’s Exposed Fastened Roofing and Siding: McElroy Metal offers many exposed fastened panels that can be used in post frame, residential and commercial applications.  One of the most common materials for commercial and industrial construction, R-Panel metal roof panels can be used for both roofing and siding applications. Constructed of high-quality steel and coated, painted, then finished for maximum protection, the R-Panel is a top option for longevity and durability. This cost-effective type of metal panel is produced with large ribbing, making it an effective solution for low-sloped roofs. Very versatile, R-Panel metal roofing can even be laid over existing roof materials, is produced in a wide variety of colors, and is designed to meet most universal building codes. Similar to R-Panel, McElroy Metal also manufactures Multi-Rib, Multi-Cor and M-Cor.

Common Types of Metal Roofs for Post Frame, Agricultural and Light Commercial Use

Max-Rib panel is one of McElroy Metal’s original panels they started manufacturing over 50 years ago.  It is well suited for post frame, residential and light commercial applications.  McElroy’s Mesa is a patent and copyright protected panel that features a nearly invisible lap.  It is designed for both post frame and residential applications.

McElroy Metal offers several options that are perfect for soffit and fascia applications such as Marquee-Lok, Marquee II, Matrix and FW.  Marquee-Lok, Marquee II and Matrix are available both vented and non-vented.  The end result is assurance of an exact color match between roof system, soffit, fascia and wall panels.

Vertical Seam Metal Roof Panels: Vertical (or standing seam) roofing systems use hidden clips for an attractive look that’s ultimately durable. The high ribs of the roofing give vertical seam panels strength, while the clip system allows for easy installation and provides thermal movement for strong resistance to uplift wind conditions. Vertical Seam panels can be applied over open framing, as well as solid substrate, and they are recommended for roof slopes of a minimum 3:12 slope. A beautiful choice that adds old-world architectural charm, vertical seam panels also provide the strength needed to hold up year after year through extremely harsh weather conditions. 

Concealed Fastener Wall Panels: If specifications call for a textured wall design without visible fasteners, the Wave Fixed and Wave Floating panels make an excellent selection.  Wave Panels are typically installed horizontally using hidden clips or fastening flange and fasteners, resulting in a monolithic and aesthetically pleasing appearance.  MSR is another McElroy concealed fastened wall panel that uses hidden clips and fasteners.  MSR’s bold profile will add curb appeal to most projects while providing the engineering and weather tightness characteristics demanded by architects and owners.

Specialty Panels:  McElroy Metal offers Met-Tile as a solution for metal that simulates ceramic tile roofing.  Met-Tile is lightweight, energy efficient and aesthetically appealing.  Since Met-Tile is a panelized roofing system, installation takes a fraction of the time required for ceramic tiles.  Panels are installed vertically from eave to ridge and are secured to the deck with fasteners.

McElroy Metal for All Types of Metal Roofing

We provide fast lead-time, and we have the unique capacity to tailor solutions to our customer’s needs. Because we manufacture and distribute metal roofing, we save you time and money by selling directly to the end customer. We can even provide direct-to-roof panel production in order to maximize efficiency.

McElroy Metal specializes in symmetrical panels and endlap free production solutions. Speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives today for personalized service in helping you find the type of metal roofing that’s best for your project.