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Curved Metal Roofing

Curves are in! Whether simply used as a design accent or for an entire roof, radius roofing is gaining in popularity. McElroy Metal offers five distinct standing seam systems that can be curved right on the jobsite which lowers transportation cost and ensures a proper fit.  These standing seam systems include Maxima 1.5, Maxima ADV, 138T, 238T and Medallion I.

Medallion I curving is performed on the jobsite by roofing contractors using rented curving equipment. Curving equipment is available for rent through Developmental Industries at mcelroyseamers.com, a website created just for McElroy customers. DI is the only approved supplier for this type of equipment.  Maxima 1.5, Maxima ADV, 138T and 238T panels are curved on the jobsite by McElroy Metal rollforming technicians.  Contact your McElroy representative for pricing and details. 

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Maxima 1.5" & Maxima ADV

  • Panel width:  12”, 16” and 18”
  • Panel seam:  180 Degree Fold
  • Minimum radius ADV: 
    - Steel – 25’
    - Aluminum – 20’
  • Minimum Radius 1.5:
    - Steel – 12’
    - Aluminum – 10’

138T & 238T

  • Panel width: 16” and 18”
  • Panel seam:  
    Symmetrical T-Seam
  • Minimum radius 138T: 
    - Steel – 9'
    - Aluminum – 9’
  • Minimum radius 238T:
    - Steel – 24’
    - Aluminum – 14’

Medallion I

  • Panel width: 12” and 16”
  • Panel seam:  
    Batten Cap System
  • Minimum radius: 
    - Steel – 30”

  • Oil Canning is a natural occurrence in metal panels and is not a cause for panel rejection

Testing Data

Not available on curved panels

Panel Options

Maxima 1.5" & Maxima ADV
138T & 238T

  • Coating: 
    Kynar 500® (PVDF)
  • Substrate:
    - Standard 24 GA Galvalume®
    - Optional .032 Aluminum 
      Sunnyvale Plant Only 

Medallion I

  • Coating: 
    Kynar 500® (PVDF)
  • Substrate:
    - Standard 24 GA Galvalume®

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