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Understanding the Truth Behind Metal Panel Warranties

Many consumers associate metal roofing warranties with dependability and performance. In reality, this isn’t always the case.

This misconception is due to suppliers in the roofing industry using warranties to sway buyers—when they see a big, bold “lifetime warranty” promoted, they rarely read the fine print or take the time to fully understand what is actually covered.

Even though lifetime warranties are quite popular, they simply cannot guarantee that your installed metal roof will last for the long-term. Remember this: an extended warranty doesn’t automatically equal better coverage or higher-performing products. The vast majority of industry insiders believe the best performing product for metal wall and roof applications is a Galvalume steel substrate with a Kynar 500® (PVDF) coating. However, there are many panels with lower quality substrates and coatings that offer longer term warranties.

So, while you’ll likely factor warranties into your metal panel decision, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. Below are some other major factors you should watch out for.

Major Factors You Should Watch Out For:

1Length of the Warranty Term

This is where you should be most cautious, because there are many ways for manufacturers to manipulate this information. One of the most common is prorating the amount of coverage—for example, while the headline reads “Lifetime” or “45 Years,” the fine print and exclusions could reveal your product is actually only warrantied at 20% value within just a few years.

2Substrate Warranty

Galvalume® and Galvanized are two commonly used substrates in the metal roofing industry. Galvalume® carries a warranty from the steel mills that protects against perforation (or rust-through) of the substrate. Galvanized substrates do not include a steel mill warranty. However, galvanized panels are still popular for many applications and can perform strongly for many applications.


3Fade/Chalk Allowed

Fading occurs when the environment attacks the pigment portion of the coating system. When testing for fade, all chalk and other surface impurities are removed using cheese cloth and detergent, then the test is conducted on the cleaned area. This often results in a denied warranty claim.

Chalking occurs when the environment attacks the resin in the coating system. The resin then takes on a whitish appearance as it degrades, referred to as “chalk.” Again, acceptable levels of failure are built into warranties that can prevent you from making a successful claim.


4Film Integrity

Film integrity is the ability of the coating to stay adhered to the metal substrate, and is commonly used in the metal panel industry to extend the length of warranties. For example, a bright red roof could experience severe chalk and/or fade to be a muted pink or white, but the film would still be intact, so a warranty claim would be denied. Film integrity is often the warranty category used for extended life warranties, such as lifetime.

The Reality of Metal Roofing Warranties

It’s important to keep in mind that warranties are usually written to protect the manufacturer—not the buyer. Therefore, at McElroy Metal, we believe that installed performance is a much more accurate measure of quality than warranties.

That’s why we suggest our customers and dealers always take warranties with a grain of salt. While they may certainly play a factor in your decision-making process, they should never sway it completely.

Now that you know the truth behind metal roofing warranties, here are our recommendations when considering your warranty options for a metal roofing project:


Request a copy of your supplier’s warranty, read it in full, and ask any questions before making a final decision and signing a contract.


In the event of a legitimate claim, take a close look at the remedy. The maximum liability for many warranties is limited to the amount paid for the roofing material, not labor or materials.


Make your purchasing decision based predominantly on panel performance, not a warranty.


For long-term satisfaction with your metal roof, ensure you’re using the best combination of substrate and coatings.

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