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The Cost of Metal Roofs

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

“How much does a metal roof cost?” is a question that both residential homeowners and commercial property owners commonly ask. However, since most metal roofs are custom manufactured to meet the specific dimensions of each home or building, there isn’t a perfect one-size-fits-all answer.

So, the best way to accurately determine the cost of a metal roofing project is by reaching out to a qualified metal roofing contractor for an estimate. That being said, we’re here to provide you with some insights that may help you form more realistic expectations for your roofing budget.

The cost of an installed metal roof will depend on various factors including the type of metal roofing, labor, the geographic location of the project, and the geometry of the roof’s design. Let’s take a look at how these aspects will play a factor in answering your question: How much does a metal roof cost?

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Types of Metal Roofing

Exposed or Thru-Fastened Panels

These types of metal roofing are the most economical in terms of both material and labor costs. Most exposed fastened panels are 36” wide, which means more square footage (or coverage per piece) and lower labor costs. Many exposed fastened panels are also manufactured from lighter gauge steel (frequently 29 gauge), which helps reduce material costs as well.

Concealed Fastener Systems

These types of metal roofing, which include standing seam panels, will typically cost more than exposed fastened panels in both material and labor costs. Unlike exposed fastened panels, these are attached with hidden clips and/or fasteners. Most are 12-16” wide and manufactured with a heavier 24 gauge steel. Some standing seam panels, such as McElroy’s Meridian system, are available in 26 gauge and feature a slotted flange that accommodates flat-head fasteners.

Shingle Products

Another form of concealed fastened metal roofing includes shingle products like McElroy’s Milan. These panels are modular, which means less square footage per piece and therefore higher labor expenses. The final installed cost will also be dependent on the home’s roof geometry, but you can typically expect the cost here to be a bit higher than conventional standing seam panels.

Geographic Location

The geographic location in which the home or building is located will also affect the cost of an installed metal roof. This is because the cost of labor will vary amongst local markets, and is yet another reason why it’s always best to consult with a qualified metal roofing contractor in your area before moving forward with a decision.


Roof Geometry

Roof geometry is another major factor in the final cost of an installed metal roof. For example, the installation costs of a thru-fastened panel on a simple double slope home are often in the same ballpark as conventional shingles. Keep in mind that labor costs will increase as you add design elements like hips, dormers, and valleys, regardless of the type of metal roofing you select.

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