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Post Frame Roofing and Wall Panel Products

Panel Options for Post Frame

Panel Options for Post Frame

Max-Rib Ultra

Galvalume® substrate with Kynar 500® coating

For unsurpassed performance, Max-Rib Ultra is the ultimate choice. Max-Rib Ultra combines the long-life performance of a Galvalume substrate with a fade and chalk-resistant Kynar 500® (PVDF) based Fluropon® paint by Sherwin Williams. Max-Rib Ultra is the preferred panel for any building where owners are concerned about quality and long-term performance.

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Max-Rib II

Galvalume substrate with a Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) coating

Combining the long-life characteristics of a Galvalume steel with a high-quality Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) coating, Max-Rib II is an excellent multi-use metal panel.  While a good product, this coating will not perform at the same level as the Kynar 500® (PVDF) based Fluropon®, used for our Max-Rib Ultra offering.

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Max-Rib 100

Galvanized G100 substrate with a Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) coating

Combining a zinc-coated G100 Galvanized substrate with a high-quality Silicone Modified Polyester coating, Max-Rib 100 is an ideal panel when a Galvanized substrate is required.

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Max-Rib Commodity

Max-Rib Commodity is a 10-year warrantied economical panel that is ideal for interior applications such as liner panels or basic shade and shelter projects.

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Many post frame panels look identical from manufacturer to manufacturer. Mesa is a patent and copyright protected panel that can't be copied and features a nearly invisible lap offering a distinctive look.

Mesa's standard paint system is Kynar 500® (PVDF), the industry's best coating for long-term protection against panel chalk and fade.


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Max-Rib/Mesa with MoisureLok

When temperature and humidity conditions reach the dew point, moisture can condense on the underside of metal panels and form droplets of water. MoistureLok anti-condensation membrane can be factory applied to Max-Rib and Mesa panels. The MoistureLok membrane  traps condensation until environmental conditions go back below the dew point and moisture is simply released in the form of normal humidity.

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Matrix soffit panels add an elegant touch to any  post frame project. Matrix is available in 12 and 16 inch widths and in colors that match McElroy's wall and roof panels.

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Modern Rib

Modern-Rib is McElroy Metal's newest panel. Modern-Rib combines the economics of an exposed fastener panel but with major ribs that simulate standing seam panels. Although an exposed fastener panel, Modern-Rib adds beauty and sophisticated styling to residential roofs and post frame structures.
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Popular Post Frame Panels

Quality Materials = Long-term Customer Satisfaction

Metal roofing and siding have many levels of quality. When choosing your materials, you'll want to be sure they will meet long-term performance expectations. 

To that end, McElroy’s popular Max-Rib panel is available with different substrates and coating combinations. The accompanying chart will help you match product performance with your needs. 

Substrates and Coatings




Post Frame Trim Details

Trim, or flashing, is installed at the intersections and terminations of metal wall and roof panels to seal the building and prevent water from entering.

Trim is available in the same variety of colors as McElroy's wall and roof panels, so you can match the wall panel color or choose complementary or contrasting colors. McElroy also fabricates custom trims to match the specifications and design preferences of our post frame builder customers. 

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Post Frame Accessories

McElroy Metal sells a variety of accessories to complete a post frame building, including fasteners, caulks and sealants, closures, and snow retention products. Many of our service centers also carry tools, insulation, cupolas, and more to support post frame customers.

Sliding Door Hardware

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Snow Retention Systems



Tips for Building Owners

Work with your contractor to ensure quality materials are installed on your project, and always ask what substrate and coating they are proposing. If they don't know or say that their SMP is almost as good as a PVDF coating, that could be a red flag.

Substrates and Coatings

Superior Manufacturing Processes

Our warm forming process reduces the cracks in paint and coating that occur during the typical metal panel manufacturing process.

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Factory-Applied Rust Inhibitor

Our factory-applied edge coating process applies a clear coat rust inhibitor at panel ends.

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Superior Coating for Long Service Life

We coat our Max-Rib Ultra panels with a Kynar 500-based PVDF coating to ensure a long service life with high resistance to fade and chalk.

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Interactive Visualizer

Wonder what your post frame project would look like with our roofing or siding? Our interactive color visualizer can make it happen...

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Find a Distributor or Contractor Near You

We are the leading metal wall and roofing supplier to the post frame industry. To find quality products that meet your architectural and budgetary needs, contact a McElroy Metal distributor or contractor in your area today.

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