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With advanced sophistication  with regard to engineering and materials, post frame buildings can be found today on a variety of applications ranging from car dealerships to strip malls to churches to single family homes. End uses are limited only by one's imagination.

Agricultural related applications

Post frame construction really got its start in the 1930’s with farm and agricultural buildings. Today, post frame buildings continue to be the preferred construction method for agricultural applications. With low cost and numerous benefits, farmers and ranchers simply can't beat a post frame building. 



Barn Wichita Falls, TX


Utility Building

Residential Applications

Homeowners with some extra acreage find post frame buildings are a great addition to their homestead. Popular uses include car collections to woodworking shops to simply extra storage place. 

Single family homes and multi-use facilities are also becoming popular for post frame structures. Barndominium is a common slang-term for these multi-use facilities. Homeowners often combine living space with warehouse or hobby space. 

Commercial and retail applications

While post frame construction started on the farm, people realized that the many benefits of post frame were also applicable to non-farm related structures. Today, post frame buildings are used for commercial applications, churches, institutional as well as single family homes and barndominiums.

Tomorrows Corner St.Clairsville, OH


Superior Manufacturing Processes

Our warm forming process reduces the cracks in paint and coating that occur during the typical metal panel manufacturing process.

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Factory-Applied Rust Inhibitor

Our factory-applied edge coating process applies a clear coat rust inhibitor at panel ends.

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Superior Coating for Long Service Life

We coat our Max-Rib Ultra panels with a Kynar 500-based PVDF coating to ensure a long service life with high resistance to fade and chalk.

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Interactive Visualizer

Wonder what your post frame project would look like with our roofing or siding? Our interactive color visualizer can make it happen...

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